Also called “love in a cage” in France, Cape gooseberries  have been labelled globally a « super berry » as this fruit may be small but is famous in south America for their health boosting properties.

With a size similar to a cherry, it contains tremendous amounts of proteins above other Goji berries: 16% against 14%.

Rich in vitamins A, B, and C, phosphorous, calcium, it has detoxifying, depurative and diuretic powers. The pulp is sometime used directly on areas with pain related to inflammation. It helps to keep prostate healthy.

Cape gooseberry is an adaptogen which allows to reinforce the body against stress.

Cooking Cape gooseberries:

It is mainly eaten raw. Its sweet taste reminds us tomatoes taste. Its flesh is juicy, flavory and slightly acid. It can be eaten as a dessert but also with mixed raw vegetables, fish, meats and poultry.

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